Single digit of monthly sales volume! The new "Qijun" with high hopes is still cold, and the three cylinders become the original sin

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single digit monthly sales new

Before, Xiaobian published an article 2008 The Duke of Teana VIP Edition appreciation , It has aroused the resonance of netizens , In fact, from that generation of cars , Nissan will give up its absolute advantage , It is said that this is the performance of being forced to adapt to the market , But in fact, this is also a helpless choice , Because of comparison , Toyota is leading the auto market , It's all about change , One is to take the initiative , One is passive and helpless , And the result can be imagined . Today's completely market-oriented Nissan , Still struggling in pain . For example, a new generation of high hopes “ Qi jun ” The monthly sales volume of individual dealers is even in single digits , It seems , It is another model eliminated by the market !

In fact, this new generation of Qijun , There are some highlights in the design of appearance and interior decoration . It is also basically the most beautiful car of Qijun since its birth , Use such advantages to make up for the defects of three cylinders , Maybe it's also in Nissan's plan , I just didn't expect , The domestic response to the three cylinders is so great , Is it the three cylinders that caused the novel steed Waterloo ? In fact, we can't say that , To be exact, the three cylinders were sold 4 The price of the cylinder , And ratio 4 The cylinder is also expensive , That's the heart of the problem . After all, there are too many products of the same level , Want to use this strategy to wade out of a path , In terms of Nissan's current strength, it is really too difficult .

But it is undeniable that Nissan's designers have made good intentions for this car . For example, in appearance , For the first time, it integrates the elements of legal cars , The split headlights enhance the freshness of this car , Moreover, it also has craftsmanship spirit in the adjustment of headlights and grille , This is in sharp contrast to Nissan's previous design concept !

The interior of the new car also actively seeks changes , Eliminated the traditional doll Technology , Present to us with a new look , And in the processing of keys and screens , This Qijun is also at the forefront of the same level . therefore , Like to see , If you have a hard demand for beauty , This car is also very good , Especially the adjustment of various design styles , Make its freshness more direct .

But anyway , Three cylinders are an indelible topic , As for the reliability and technology of this three cylinder engine , Xiaobian won't say more , Take the example of the current automobile market , Several car brands have cancelled the three cylinder engine , For example, yinglang of Buick , Honda Civic 1.0T Three cylinders have also been cancelled , If only technically , Personally, I think Nissan is far inferior to Honda , But why did Honda cancel the three cylinders , You have a taste of . therefore , This car is destined to be just a model with controlled appearance , Plus the price is more expensive than the previous model , Even if it's not cool now , It's just a matter of time , What do you think? !

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