2008 "Duke of Teana" appreciation, V6 with super sofa, owner: don't change it for Audi!

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duke teana appreciation v6 super

Nissan's current situation is really sad , From one of the top three in the Japanese system , Up to now, Honda and Toyota are far behind , In terms of influence, it is a straight decline , In particular, the new three cylinder Nissan Qijun has been pushed to the cusp of the storm , You know, in those days , Nissan is one of the few 6 Cylinder models . So netizens always want to know why Nissan is declining now , Maybe after looking at the car in the picture , You can find the answer .

The car in the picture is one of the few relatively new 2008 Sounds of nature duke 3.5L XV VIP The supreme edition . As a very classic V6 edition , In those years, the influence of this car was very high . I thought this car was a brilliant start , Who had thought of , It turned out to be the peak , The view of the majority of netizens is that there will be no sounds of nature . Let's first briefly review the design of Nissan , Different from today's youth and sense of movement , In those days , The mellow shape of Teana can be called a classic , The domineering grille is not inferior to the gas field of tiger head running , The headlights on both sides also adopt sectional design . On the side VIP Your logo shows your identity , And from this point of view, it will give people a kind of “ ship ” The feeling of . You can feel its comfort before you get on the bus . On the tail , The exhaust adopts one of the few bilateral designs in that year , The rear surround is separated from the body by a silver trim strip .

So from the perspective of appearance , Construction of gas field , It's the Duke's classic , At this time, accord and Camry have no ability to compete with it , This is the embodiment of hard core strength ! And inside , This Duke's design is definitely the pinnacle of Nissan ! Four piece multifunctional leather steering wheel , This is a Mercedes Benz S The level of . Even when there was no LCD , But the triple screen instrument , Natural and graceful , This is obviously different from German brands ! Embedded central control screen , The design of the multifunction buttons and knobs below are also just right !

The high-end feeling of the new car is not only reflected in its leather package , Including the lower part of the center console and the position of the gear lever are also equipped with log colored decorative covers , Also let its advanced sense rise to a higher level again . In terms of seats , I believe that even now it can be called BUG Level . Wrapped in a very soft leather , It is similar to the current aviation seats , And the co pilot is also equipped with leg support and other designs , Is the “ Mobile sofa ” The pinnacle of .

The picture above shows the front and rear seats , In order to fit perfectly with the legs , In the back seat , The edges and corners on both sides are “ Grinding ”, So no matter where you sit , Will bring the same comfort , Absolutely no difference in sitting feeling . And because it's VIP edition , There is also a certain improvement in the wheelbase , Therefore, the front and back space also has more flexibility .

motivation , This car is equipped with 3.5L V6 Self priming engine , It is also one of Nissan's most classic engines , Its maximum horsepower 252PS, Peak torque 326N·m. The match is still CVT transmission , The official fuel consumption is 10L about . In addition to comfort , In the sense of driving ,V6 Powerful explosive force , add cvt Infinite output of , With the big sofa and the soft chassis , The comfort of driving at high speed is perfect ! Obviously compared with this car , None of the sounds of nature at present can match it , So the owner joked : Don't change it for Audi Benz !

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