BJ212 salute version is on the market, with 2.4t power. There are quotations from Chairman Mao in the car. The price is 94800

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bj212 bj salute version market

Let's say the car with the longest mass production cycle in China , That's not BAIC BJ212 It must be , It can be said that it has witnessed the development history of China's automobile industry , And in the early stage of the development of China's automobile industry , Its figure has appeared many times on major occasions such as the military parade , stay 80-90 The S is an official car , Therefore, it is also a car with historical feelings . meanwhile , This car has been for so many years , The car with the smallest change in the domestic car market , Despite several generations of changes , But it still retains the first generation to the greatest extent BJ212 The style of , Classic round headlights 、 Front mounted steel bumper and so on have continued until now . In recent days, , Another paragraph BJ212 A brand new model is on the market , It is carrying 2.4T Dynamic BJ212 Tribute Edition , The car is for the founding of the party 100 Made for the anniversary , Therefore, there are classic quotations of Chairman Mao in the car “ Serve the people ”.

Although it's a centennial tribute , But the new car still uses the classic design , Such as triangular door 、 Headlights 、 Soft top design 、 Front and rear sliding side windows, etc , The overall shape still gives people a strong sense of age . The rear of the car is still the design of the spare tire , And a ball towbar is reserved , Show its hardliners SUV The positioning of .

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