Show the luxury and Dynamic Range Rover Sport SVR ultimate official map

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luxury dynamic range rover sport

Write a few days ago , Car selection Lori learned from relevant channels , Land Rover has officially released its Range Rover Sport SVR Official map of the ultimate model , The new car is more sporty as a whole .

aesthetic , The appearance of the new car is even brighter , The front engine compartment covers of new cars are made of carbon fiber , It can be seen that the particularity of the new car . The front face continues the Land Rover family design language , The blackened honeycomb grille is extremely moving , Match with sharp headlight sets on both sides , Highly recognizable . meanwhile , The lower cooling opening and air inlet are also designed with blackening treatment , The visual effect is more prominent . It is worth mentioning that , In order to highlight the difference of the new car , The English logo on the hood of the new car is decorated with white flowers on a black background .

The body side , The lines of the new car are very strong , Straight waistline runs through the body , The air vent decoration behind the front fender is in black and white , And the body adopts the design of two-color body , Match with double five piece forged rim , And Black Multi piston brake calipers , Make the new car stand out , It fully explains the temperament of the range rover .

interiors , The interior of the new car is wrapped with a lot of soft leather , Three width multifunctional steering wheel with full LCD instrument panel , And the embedded central control screen , And the whole center console is made of carbon fiber , Show off its athletic style . Look at the big picture , The interior of the new car is luxurious . motivation , New car carrying 5.0L Mechanical pressurization V8 The engine , Maximum power is 575 horsepower , The maximum torque is 700N·m, matching 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , And equipped with full-time 4WD system . More new car information , We will continue to pay attention .

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