Hongguang miniev makaron autumn version will appear on September 2

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hongguang miniev makaron autumn version

[ Car home information ] recently , We learned from SAIC GM Wuling official that , Its pure electric mini car —— Agatsuma MINIEV The makaron Autumn Edition will be on 9 month 2 Official appearance . meanwhile , The official also launched today “ Wuling girl new product release Officer ” recruit , And have the opportunity to participate in 9 month 2 Japan -9 month 5 It opened in Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street in Changsha on the th “ Wuling girl fashion makeup party - A little paradise for adults ” Activities .

At present, Hongguang has not been officially announced MINIEV Why is the color matching of makaron Autumn Edition , And appearance / Whether the interior configuration has been adjusted . As a reference , Cash Hongguang MINIEV share 10 Models on sale , Price range: 2.88-4.36 Ten thousand yuan . As a reference , Cash Hongguang MINIEV Macarone has three exclusive body colors —— Lemon yellow 、 Avocado Green and white peach powder , It also adopts a two-color body design , The sense of fashion is further enhanced , It is also different from the ordinary model . In addition, we can see Hongguang from the appearance MINIEV Makaron adds a lovely three spoke two-color rim cover outside the rim , And in C The column is pasted with an exclusive Macaron Nameplate .

interiors , The color matching will echo the body color , For example, a decorative strip with the same color as the body is wrapped around the central control button in the car , In addition, the seats are also matched in multiple colors , The consistency of the whole vehicle is enhanced . motivation , The cash model adopts the rear permanent magnet synchronous motor , The maximum power is 20kW, The maximum torque is 85N·m. Endurance mileage , Its NEDC Respectively 120 Km and 170 km .( writing / Car home Zhouyi )

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