It is worthy of being the benchmark of hardline off-road vehicles. The new generation of Rand cool road Zeshi vehicle has a full atmosphere

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worthy benchmark hardline off-road road

Toyota's Rand cooluze enjoys a high reputation in the hardline off-road vehicle industry , It has strong product competitiveness . A new generation of Rand cool road Zeshi car , Aura is dye-in-the-wood .

The front face adopts a family design style . The banner air intake grille looks very domineering , Hardline . The headlights on both sides are square , It is very consistent with the characteristics of hardline off-road vehicles . The lower surround is decorated in blue and black , Off road style .

The side shape is full , It shows a strong sense of strength and muscle . There are decorative strips on the side , Make the car more spiritual . The shape of the lower multi frame wheel hub also looks very strong .

The tail lights are all blackened , Very eye-catching after lighting . The rear surround is wrapped with a black trim panel , It is more sporty and off-road .

The interior adopts a three width multifunctional steering wheel , Equipped with suspended central control screen , There are many physical buttons in the car , Very practical . motivation , The new Rand cooluze is equipped with 3.5T and 4.0L The power system of , among 3.5T V6 Gasoline engine , Maximum power is 415 horsepower , Maximum torque 650 cattle · rice ;4.0L V6 Gasoline engine , Maximum power is 275 horsepower , Maximum torque 385 cattle · rice . Transmission system matching 10 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , And equipped with four-wheel drive system .

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