Lincoln adventurer PHEV is listed at Chengdu auto show with full temperament

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lincoln adventurer phev listed chengdu

In recent days, , We learned from relevant sources that , Lincoln adventurer PHEV It will be officially listed at Chengdu auto show . The new car has appeared at the Shanghai auto show before , As the first new energy model under Lincoln brand , The Chengdu auto show will bring two limited models at the same time .

In terms of appearance , The overall shape of the new car is extremely aggressive , As the first new energy model of domestic Lincoln brand , The appearance adopts a large number of fuel version modeling design . The front face of the new car adopts a matrix honeycomb air inlet grille , With two sharp headlights , Presents an atmosphere of great power .

From the side of the car , The new car uses a waist line that runs through the whole body , Match with the silver trim at the side skirt , Showing a strong sense of hierarchy .

From the rear of the car , The new car adopts the most popular through tail lamp , Match with the long strip reflective logo on the lower bumper , Further enhance the overall sense of hierarchy .

interiors , The new car adopts two three plate steering wheels with unique coating , collocation 12.8 Inch Touch screen vertical central control display , Add a sense of technology to the overall interior . The new car takes Beige as the main base color of the interior , It gives a very soft feeling .

motivation , According to the information disclosed before , The new car will be equipped with a maximum power of 125kW Of 1.5T Power system composed of engine and front and rear double motors . The maximum power of the rear axle drive motor in the front and rear dual motors can reach 50kW, Peak torque is 151N·m, The maximum power of the front axle drive motor is 96kW, Peak torque is 235N·m. It is worth mentioning that , The new car is equipped with nickel cobalt manganese lithium ion battery , So that its pure electric range can reach 64km. More new car information , We will continue to pay attention . More new car information , We will continue to pay attention .

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