Looking back on the centennial development history of Chang'an Automobile, it has both growth and bitterness, and has infinite potential in the future

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looking centennial development history chang

Now the independent automobile brand is no longer what people think , Major automobile brands are improving their car making strength , Its models are gradually developing towards high-end , Balanced performance in all aspects , Compared with the joint venture brand, there is no difference , Among many independent automobile brands , Changan Automobile is one of them “ Top students ”, Especially in recent years, the performance is more brilliant , Launch several new models , Keep up with the current trend , It has been loved and praised by many consumers .

Changan Automobile is an automobile brand with a history of more than 100 years , Experienced many times of changes , It can be regarded as a witness of China's automobile development history , It has not been eliminated by history for such a long time , But the development is getting better and better , It has its own excellence . If you want to explore the history of Chang'an Automobile , Then you have to go back to 1862 In, Shanghai Foreign artillery Bureau was born , At that time, the main business of the foreign artillery Bureau was the production of flowering shells and other military items .

Until then 1865 In the year , Shanghai Foreign artillery bureau moved to Nanjing for various reasons , And expanded into Jinling manufacturing Bureau . When the government of the Republic of China was established , Jinling manufacturing Bureau changed its name to Jinling Arsenal , This was also the largest Arsenal in China at that time . After that, it has gone through the changes of the times , Produce all kinds of weapons , Play its due role . wait until 1951 year , Arsenal was officially renamed the state-owned 456 factory of the General Administration of ordnance industry of the CPC Central Committee , And in 1957 The first off-road vehicle in China was officially developed in : Yangtze River 46 V-type off-road vehicle , Then the name of the factory was changed to Chang'an machine manufacturing factory .

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