Luxury cars that win with quality, even sound insulation cotton pads are "high-quality products", which is more comfortable than taking class E

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luxury cars win quality sound

It's not hard to find out , At present, the mainstream models in the domestic automobile market are still luxury medium and large vehicles . Because the luxury medium and large cars have enough gas field to drive out , Therefore, large and medium-sized cars are sought after by many local tyrants . In Lexus, there is a luxury car that wins with quality , Even soundproof cotton pads are “ The high-quality goods ”, Than sit E Class comfortable , It's Lexus ES. And Lexus ES The advantage in the market is that it has relatively high cost performance and rich configuration . therefore , At present, Lexus ES It has quite good prospects in the market .

The key is , lexus ES Whether it's the materials in the car , Or the workmanship is not inferior to the Mercedes Benz of the same level E Magnitude and BMW 5 system . It's more than that , The core “ Three pieces ” The quality of is excellent , It belongs to the level of leading models at the same level , with “ Ten years without overhaul ” The title of . however , The most surprising thing is that it costs more , The starting price is only 29.49 ten thousand . How does this car perform , Let's take a look at it in detail !

lexus ES In the appearance modeling part, it is done quite well , A sharp air inlet grille is adopted , Collocation matrix LED headlight , Beauty is better than Mercedes Benz E level . secondly , The side of the car body looks very slender , On the outside 18 Inch aluminum hub , sporty . As for the shape of the tail , Round and full tail shape with LED Tail lamp group of light source , When it's lit at night, the turning rate is high .

And Lexus ES In terms of power, not to mention , introduction ES200 Ready to go 2.0L In line 4 Cylinder naturally aspirated engine , Maximum power is reached 127kw, Peak torque is 208 Cattle meters . Everyday cars start and speed up very fast , It can be called a traffic light “ Start King ”. And Lexus ES300h Pick up the 2.5L In line 4 Cylinder naturally aspirated engine , The power output is more surging , Maximum power is reached 160kw,WLTC The fuel consumption under comprehensive working conditions is only 4.8L/100km, The fuel consumption is excellent .

The interior part is better , lexus ES The design method of multi-color splicing is adopted , It looks layered . in addition , The space is very spacious , with 2870mm Extra long wheelbase of , Space is faster than competitive products E Excellent class . meanwhile , lexus ES Of NVH The level is excellent , Not only more sound insulation materials are used , And added multi-layer sound insulation glass 、 Noise reduction tires and closed chassis, etc , Thus, a quiet cockpit environment is obtained .

Of course , lexus ES The safety is even higher than that of similar models , Equipped with intelligent security system LSS+, Travel becomes more comfortable . Moreover, the lane recognition function is optimized , And the addition of digital keys , Install... On your phone App You can unlock and lock the vehicle , Is a very good configuration .

Summary : lexus ES It's really an excellent luxury car . It's not just about beauty , And the power is excellent . besides , It's the conscience of its price , The starting price is only 29.49 ten thousand , Full of sincerity . Final , This makes it popular with Chinese people , Sales continue to rise , Became a real “ Dark horse ”. And what are your different views on this car ?

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