New car | benchmarking Wuling Hongguang Mini! Chery QQ ice cream will appear at Chengdu auto show

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new car benchmarking wuling hongguang

writing : Understand the original car Emperor Zhou Tong

[ Understand the original car Emperor product ] [ Understand the original car Emperor 2021 Chengdu auto show ] QQ As a legendary model of Chery, it has a high reputation in the market . In recent days , Cheti learned from Chery Auto official that , chery iCar The first model under ecological environment QQ Ice cream will be officially unveiled at Chengdu auto show . The new car has officially opened blind booking , As a pure electric mini car with transportation as the core , Its future will be with Wuling Hongguang MINIEV Form a competitive relationship .

The appearance and style are very cute

According to the spy photos released by the official before , The shape of the new car has been revealed , The double door hatchback design will be adopted, which is very compact .U The headlights of type a design are highly recognizable , With enclosed grille , It looks very cute . The charging interface of the new car is located in the middle LOGO It's about , From the previous picture , The car will be available in a variety of colors .

The front of the car U The V-shaped daytime running lights are highly recognizable

The side of the car body adopts a square van design , This is the ideal shape for a mini car , While getting more space in the car, it can also deepen the impression . Body spy photos are different from traditional patterns , The choice of colors looks very fashionable , Worthy of the official declaration “ happy MINI SUV”.

In the aspect of echo QQ The ice cream is still very good

From the tail spy photos , The new car will have a stepped side waistline design , Looks more flexible . The tail design is also very simple ,U type LED The light source and the front face echo well .

20 It's nothing to say that tens of millions of power should be used to deal with short-distance travel on general urban roads , But the ultimate mileage may be one of the reasons that determine its core competitiveness

According to the previously exposed news , stay iCar It's new in the ecology QQ Ice cream is bound to be mixed with Hongguang MINI EV We are also focusing on young consumers , Provide solutions for personalized travel scenarios . In addition to cooperation with Alibaba and other leading enterprises , It will also carry out in-depth cooperation with other enterprises and even create products together , More choices for users . From this point of view , The interior decoration and functional innovation of the new car may be more worthy of our expectation .

motivation ,QQ Ice cream will be equipped with maximum power 20 Kilowatt drive motor , The battery will be equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery pack , But the range is unknown . There's more news about the new car , We will continue to pay attention .

Market analysis / Price speculation / competitors :

Wuling macro light MINIEV2020 paragraph Free money Lithium iron phosphate

As a pure electric vehicle ,QQ The main competitor of ice cream may be Hongguang MINI EV、 Euler black cat and other new energy products . In terms of price, refer to Chery's existing ants ( The price is :5.99-8.39 Ten thousand yuan ) Let's guess QQ The price of ice cream should be 10 Ten thousand yuan or so .

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