Latest information! Read this before you start! Really fragrant series! Anko banner vs Lexus es

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Don't want to follow the public , It's the budget 30-50 About 10000 consumers should consider , A major feature of the car at this price is that it has a face on the face . The two cars introduced today are anko flag and Lexus ES The price is more in line with the requirements , The guidance prices are 32.99 Million and $ 34.60 Ten thousand yuan . As for their advantages , Please look down .

models : Buick Encore flag 2020 paragraph 28T 4WD noble

The guided :32.99 Ten thousand yuan

Angke banner 2020 paragraph 28T The four-wheel drive noble front face presents an atmospheric design style , At the same time, the multi web medium screen is decorated with silver strips , The visual effect is quite full .

Look at the tires , The specifications of the front and rear tires of the car are 235/55 R20, Multi spoke rim design is adopted .

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