"Black technology" drives new cars, and Chang'an Automobile makes smart cars understand people better

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black technology drives new cars

2021 China International Intelligent Industry Expo was held in Chongqing , Sponsored by Chang'an automobile “2021 Chang'an Automobile Science and technology ecological Conference ” Become the main series of activities of this smart Expo . In order to “ Green intelligence , Integration and innovation ” On the special product Forum , Changan Automobile released the full scene digital twin development open platform for the first time 、 A new generation of super collector drive system 、 Technology launches remote valet parking APA7.0. At the same time, Changan Automobile also announced that the enterprise is about to mass produce the first remote intelligent parking APA6.0 . Full “ Black science and technology ” Brought a new pattern of new cars .

The whole scene digital twin development open platform is driven by users' consumption upgrading and technology development , The cockpit is not just an interactive space for driving , More extended into a wise 、 Emotional digital mobile space . Chang'an Automobile thinks , To successfully create intelligent life , Only focus on consumers all the time , It takes everyone's strength to complete . Based on this understanding , Changan Auto Industry launch “ user - Car companies - developer ” Open platform for full scene digital twin development through full link . Through locomotive end 、 Mobile terminal 、 Forum Community 、 Product experience and other channels , Let users timely participate in CO creation . Provide partners with a direct shortcut to users' needs 、 Reduce the construction cost of vehicle development environment 、 Shorten mass production deployment cycle . Create emotional , With temperature , A smart cockpit that can interact with multi-dimensional touch , Can evolve and iterate , Continuously through interaction with consumers , Combined with the latest intelligent technology , Rapid growth and evolution .

Four breakthroughs in the full scene digital twin development open platform . firstly , Atomized service is applied to digital cockpit platform for the first time , Achieve an unlimited combination of functions , Already realized 600 Added atomization service , Provide 1 ten thousand + The combination of functions may . second , The first driver in the industry 、 Cockpit 、 Vehicle level virtual simulation environment through three domains of vehicle control , Realize the function of the whole vehicle, and the scene can be arranged . third , Provide unlimited computing power , The local cloud has millions TOPS Computing power reserve , Able to meet the future 5 To 10 Platform development needs in . For developers 10 class 260 individual API Interface . At present, it has been connected to more than 100 Multiple partners 、 Online more than 200 Multiple applications . In subsequent infinite expansion . Its 4 , Support the rapid development of monomer level 、 The system level 、 Vehicle level experience evaluation , Support virtual reality 、 Mixed reality experience evaluation , Let users get the ultimate experience .

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