Akira Yoshino, father of lithium battery: Apple will release content related to Apple car electric vehicle before the end of the year

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akira yoshino father lithium battery

8 month 25 Daily news : According to Reuters , Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry 、「 The father of lithium batteries 」 Yosano chang (Akira Yoshino) In an interview , If Apple wants to 2025 Year ago Apple Car Electric cars , It is believed that some relevant contents will be released before the end of this year .

Yoshino talked about the next generation of electric vehicle batteries in an interview with Reuters 、 Sharing the potential of self charging self driving electric vehicles 、 The prospect of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and the possibility of Apple leading the integration of automobile and information technology industries in the future transportation field . Yoshino said , With the gradual integration of transportation and digital technology into an industry , And share lithium battery technology , There will be more subversion in this field in the future .

If autonomous electric vehicles become a reality , The way people use cars will change dramatically : People no longer buy cars , Instead, use car sharing services . When talking about wireless charging of electric vehicles , Yoshino believes , There are two ways of car wireless charging , But there are still challenges in the short term . by comparison , The car itself knows when to charge , And drive to the charging station , This is easier to achieve .

Yoshino said 「 Now? , The automotive industry is considering how to invest in mobility ( Travel ) The future of . meanwhile ,IT The industry is also thinking about the future of mobility . future , With the development of automobile industry and IT Industry development , There will be some degree of convergence in the future of mobility . Tesla has its own independent strategy , What needs attention is apple . What will they do ? I think they may announce something soon . What kind of car will they release ? What kind of battery ? They may want to be in 2025 Enter the auto market around . To do that , I think they must announce something before the end of this year . Of course , It's just my personal guess .」

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