New car express | constant power Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR official map release

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new car express constant power

In recent days, , Land Rover has launched its Range rover sport SVR Official map of vehicle type . In addition to the high price of the car , It also makes various appearance kit adjustments . Power on , The new car is still in use 5.0 L supercharge V8 The engine . It is reported that , The overseas price of the new car is 141600 dollar ( about 92 Thousands of yuan ).

aesthetic , The new car adopts special paint process , One is “ Mar grey ”, The other is “ Maya blue ”, Whatever color you choose , The roof is made of black , Form a good contrast effect . What's interesting is that , The front bonnet of the new car is made of carbon fiber , above “Range Rover” The letters are decorated with black background instead of white printing , It highlights the uniqueness of the new car . Car side , New car carrying 22 Inch forged hub , Five spoke design , With black brake caliper , Excellent sports effect . Besides , The front and rear fenders of the new car are wider than the body , The air vent trim panel behind the front fender is in black and white . The rear part , The new car hasn't changed much , The tail lamp is of blackened design , The rear enclosure is equipped with a small diffuser and a four outlet exhaust layout on both sides .

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