With an acceleration of 8.1 seconds and a comprehensive fuel consumption of 6.8 liters per 100 kilometers, Chevrolet finally started

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acceleration seconds comprehensive fuel consumption

Speaking of SUV vehicle , I often think of Land Rover、Jep And other traditional premium car brands , If we delve into SUV The history of , You'll find that Chevrolet is SUV The ancestor of the car ,85 Years ago, Chevrolet's suburban Open the SUV The big screen of the car , up to now , In the Chevrolet family SUV The car is an indispensable part , The Chevrolet Explorer is a younger model in the Chevrolet family .

The explorer of Chevrolet was born in 2005 year , Although I didn't see that age , But once won the sales champion in the North American market , at present , The latest in the market 2021 The official launch of Chevrolet is this year 9 month 23 Japan , The new car offers 6 Models with different configurations , That price range is 16.9923.99 Ten thousand yuan , Although this model will be on sale soon , But the end market already has 4.3 The price reduction of about 10000 yuan , Entry level models directly reach 12.69 The price level of about 10000 yuan , As a medium-sized SUV, The price is very close to that of domestic small-scale enterprises SUV The range of , May compete with domestic cars .

2021 The Chevrolet explorer of the model is better than the current model in terms of intelligent equipment in all appearance , This also shows us the fast operation of the new car , say concretely , The explorers of the new Chevrolet have partially familiarized , Continue the design of the upper and lower separation air grid , The interior also adopts a three-dimensional wavy Chinese net shape , The left and right sides of the new car are equipped with flat partition lamps , Extending from China Grid is an integrated design penetrating the interior of the lamp panel , Improves the lateral visual effect of the front face .

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