The interior of luxury and business tank 500 is coming: suspended central control screen, Mercedes Benz flavor wood trim panel

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interior luxury business tank coming

In recent days, , About tanks 500 The news is endless , From the exposure of real vehicle pictures to the renaming of tanks 500, As the opening date of Chengdu auto show approaches , More about tanks 500 The information is gradually exposed , Now a group about tanks 500 The interior spy picture was revealed again . Let's take a look at this tank 500 What kind of interior is it .

From the picture we can see , tanks 500 A suspended large-size multimedia LCD screen is matched in the central control area , At the same time, it also matches a large LCD dashboard , The whole air conditioning outlet adopts a narrow and long design , In addition, a large area of wood texture trim panel is used in the whole center console, but the specific material of these trim panels is not known yet .

In this set of interior spy photos , We saw the whole tank 500 The interior style of is not a hard off-road route, but a simple design style , The whole interior has no hardliners SUV That rugged style , But a little more luxurious texture . From the through wood grain veneer , Then go to the white pointer clock under the central control screen .

Unfortunately, the new tank 500 It does not adopt the design of through one large screen , Instead, it adopts the combination of embedded LCD instrument panel and suspended multimedia LCD screen , And new tanks 500 The style of steering wheel and electronic gear lever is also similar to that of listed tanks 300 similar .

As for price , Combined with tanks 300 The current price , Brand new tank 500 The price of main configuration models is expected to exceed 30 The price range of 10000 yuan .

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