Tank 600 was renamed tank 500 and unveiled at Chengdu auto show. The price will exceed 300000

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tank renamed tank unveiled chengdu

tanks 600 Now the attention is very high , The official also released its appearance and modeling photos recently , It does have good recognition , Soon after , The official renamed it tank 500, Less 100, It's not clear what the intention is , But some netizens also made bold guesses , Change to 500 It's the rhythm of price reduction . in any case , Change the name , Its product power has not changed , The new car will appear at Chengdu auto show , The price may exceed 30 ten thousand .

tanks 500 The actual photos of the appearance design do not have an extremely strong off-road flavor like the design drawings , Its front face is decorated with three thick chrome plated decorative strips of air inlet grille , The middle is inlaid with the big logo of the tank , It seems that the sense of power is enough . The shape of the headlight is very square , The interior design is also very exquisite , Match with the raised lines on the hood , Overall, it creates a good tough and domineering off-road atmosphere .

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