Who doesn't love the elegant and handsome "big boy"?

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doesn love elegant handsome big

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I heard about the new generation of Mercedes Benz C It's time to go to the store , I hurried over . This appearance is for me , The attraction is really too big .

A whole new generation C Level based MRA Platform to build , And the last generation C Compared with the first level, the appearance is a step higher . There are obvious edges on the hood , Looks more muscular than the previous generation . The change of China open is actually quite big , And the most interesting point is that its dot matrix design has changed from a small dot to a trident , Together with Mercedes Benz, it forms this “ a myriad of stars surround the moon It feels really good . There is a radar probe above the large scale , So expect a new generation C Level automatic driving assistance system should not only appear on the top configuration . The overall outline of the headlight is brand new S Class is very similar , It is also this kind of inverted hook LED Day light , It's sharper than the big eyes of the previous generation .


The waistline on the side becomes round , And obviously it's longer than the previous generation . Look at the data , Compared with the previous generation, the length of the long axis version has increased 98mm, Wheelbase increase 34mm.

The design of the rear of the car is very round , The outline of the triangular tail lamp is also basically the same as S Same grade , The lighting effect is quite sci-fi . The design of the whole rear is simpler and flatter , Not too much chrome decoration , Look more athletic , Very advanced .


Great changes in interior decoration , Suspended full LCD instrument panel , There is such a large vertical screen design under the air outlet of the middle air conditioner , Very technical , The whole is new S Class style . The shape of the air conditioning outlet is also different from that of the previous generation , This is flattened , And a circle of chrome decoration . new generation C The front row headrests of class can be adjusted up, down, front and back , The rear row headrest adopts S Class headrest , That's called a soft .


motivation , The of this static experience C 260 L carrying 1.5T Four cylinders in line +48V dynamic system , Its maximum power 150 kw , Compared with the previous generation . Transmission system , New car is equipped with 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , Some models provide 4MATIC All-wheel-drive system .


I can't find anything wrong with this static experience , The whole design is like “ Small S”.30 Ten thousand cars can have S Class look and feel , It's still great .



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