"Iron absorbing artifact" appeared at high speed, and 40 kg iron nails were sucked away after running 50 kilometers. Owner: you can finally rest assured

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iron absorbing artifact appeared high

The tire is the only part of the car that comes into contact with the ground , Its quality will seriously affect the safety of car owners . Car tires are made of rubber , If you touch sharp objects such as nails, it is easy to be punctured . If you are driving at high speed , The tire was punctured by a nail , The vehicle may lose control , Even lead to car crashes and other accidents .

But nails are small things , At high speed , It is impossible for car owners to completely avoid these nails . On the road at any time “ trap ”, It has caused great hidden dangers to the driving safety of car owners . How to avoid this situation ? The highway administration has found a very effective solution , They brought in an iron nail “ buster ”, As soon as it comes out , All the nails on the road were sucked away .

This “ Nail suction artifact ” It looks like a big truck , But the front part was refitted . The front of an ordinary large truck is flat , But there is a piece of... Extending from the front of the big truck , This device is actually an iron suction device .

After vehicle start , This device will produce a strong adsorption force , Nails on the road 、 Iron piece 、 Iron scraps and other iron objects will be sucked away . Basically, where this car passes , Iron objects within a radius of 23 kilometers will have nowhere to hide , Be absorbed clean .

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