Quiet show rarely rollover embarrassing? A group of players are inexperienced and rejected by netizens: treat impoliteness as honesty

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quiet rarely rollover embarrassing group

In recent days, , When a famous actor quietly participates in a talk show variety show , As a flight instructor, you need to evaluate and select the contestants . Tranquility has always been very straight, white, cool and fast in the eyes of the audience , Also a very warm-hearted artist , But there was rare opposition when recording this program .

According to the rules, you need to press the light when you meet your favorite player , After a young female player played, because she was single , But about the view of marriage . Although less experience , But it was also said that the people present laughed . Li's birthday present 、 Zhang Wei has photographed his own vote , Only tranquility didn't press its own vote .

Tranquility speaks frankly when she asks why “ I don't think it's funny , You don't have a boyfriend , How to talk about marriage ”. It also means that you talk about marriage when you are still single , What are you talking about .

The players present heard this , I'm too nervous , Some people are even surprised that their facial features are distorted . Others are also embarrassed to hear .

Wang Jianguo, who was watching the game, also supported the players , I didn't hear what the tutor said clearly, because it's not funny , And the player's words were heard clearly , Because it's so funny . When it comes to the end, it's Li Dan , Say what you're talking about , Because the relationship with tranquility is not intimate , This speech seems to imply a quiet comment .

As soon as this remark came out , It has also caused great controversy on the Internet , Netizens have also expressed their views . This is to watch the talk show as a documentary , Some netizens also supported the player . Some netizens also said frankly that who stipulates that talk shows must talk about what they have experienced , This is taking impoliteness as honesty .

In the program, she also said without hesitation ,“ I support all boys to make up , Because you really don't have an advantage ”. Listening to these words, the men present frequently bowed their heads and dared not look at each other .

Tranquility is indeed famous for its upright character , There's nothing to say about participating in the reality show , This straightforward character leads many older artists to give way . When I met Huang Xiaoming at the variety show , Facing the famous tranquility of hot temper , The difference of opinion is that Huang Xiaoming surrendered first .

But peace can be so crazy also has capital , from 22 He won the title of film queen at the age of , Debut is the right front line . Film and television works and awards are all well received , Acting skills are now also hanging and beating the flow of new people .

Who worked with Zhang Guorong 《 The new Shanghai Bund 》 Very popular , When taking a group photo with Andy Lau 、 Zhang Guorong and others are not inferior to each other .

Now at the age of 49, tranquility rarely takes the play , But she's not free , Often starring in various reality shows and variety shows . Different from the pure image of youth , Now she has short, capable hair , Add a clever word , Confident and charming . Although it is nearly half a hundred years old , But I can't see , This is the charm of peace .

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