Is it really expensive to sell 69800? Baojun Kiwi EV was listed on the 31st of this month

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really expensive sell baojun kiwi

As a national shenche factory , People make whatever they need , Wuling is also a popular professional . stay 2-4 Wan range MINI EV After selling hot money , This time Wuling set its sights on 6-8 Ten thousand yuan range ,KiWi EV More fashionable and avant-garde in modeling , Expand in space size , Pay more attention to exquisite workmanship and materials , Of course, the range is also relatively MINI EV There has been an increase in , Whether it can successfully attract more demanding consumers , It's going to be a hit ? Talk the talk , Price is the king ,8 month 31 Japan ,KiWi EV Will be officially listed , At that time, each of us will have our own answer .

at present KiWi EV Open to booking a price 6.98-7.88 Ten thousand yuan , Only two models have been released , Designers and artists , The range is all in 305 km , Support DC fast charging . According to the official news , The new car is pre sold for a week 3000 platform . This performance should say that the market is still relatively calm , Let's look at the official price .

KiWi EV By the former Baojun E300 Optimized , Readjusted in some details , The front bar part is joined by two rounded quadrangles , Make the front face look more layered . This time brings a more fashionable color matching , A total of 6 Look and color , cream 、 Obsidian night 、 Emerald 、 Rouge 、 Clear sky 、 mint , In terms of color, it is quite in line with the tastes of ladies and sisters now .

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