The appearance is magnificent. The whole series of 2020 wey vv7 has a direct reduction of 20000 yuan, which is no worse than the joint venture brand

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appearance magnificent. magnificent series wey

In recent days, , We conducted a shop exploration in Shangqiu, Henan Province . according to the understanding of ,2020 paragraph WEY VV7 Selling at a reduced price , At present, the discount range of the whole department is 2 Ten thousand yuan , Naked car prices as low as 14.98 Ten thousand yuan . We also photographed 2020 paragraph WEY VV7 Real vehicle diagram of , Let's see .

Appearance part ,2020 paragraph WEY VV7 Modeling atmosphere , The overall effect is majestic . Front part , The lattice air inlet grille design is adopted , It makes the front face have a good visual effect . Sharp headlight sets on both sides , The internal light source is clear , In order . Forward air port , A banner design is adopted , It has a good sports atmosphere . Raised ribs above the hood , Muscular protrusion .

The body side , The waistline rises back , So is the arrangement of door handles , The overall shape is like a dive forward , Very sporty . The window line is painted in black , Extend to the tail , It has the effect of a suspended roof . Wheel hub part , A blackened multi frame design is adopted .

Tail shape , The rear of the car presents a solid design style , angular , Very hard line . Supplemented by exquisite blackened tail lights , There are four exhaust pipes on both sides , Show a strong sense of movement . The rear shape is fashionable and simple , Not adding too much decoration , But it also has high recognition .

The interior , The seat is wrapped in brown imitation leather material , With the embellishment of stitches, it has a certain sense of grade , And good comfort . Large central control screen 、 LCD instruments create a good sense of science and technology for the vehicle .

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