Lingke wants to enlarge the move again! 03 + new model preview exposure

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lingke wants enlarge new model

New members will be added to independent brand performance vehicles , For link, who has always been a major player in young sports , It has always been the brand's insistence to build models with sports performance , from 03+ Model to 02 hatchback, A new car with strong sports attributes appeared one after another , And just recently , Link released a preview again , And revealed to the outside world that the new car will have a big bright spot .

According to this preview, we can see , The new car will have a huge tail , At the same time, combined with some application drawings, we can know , The new car will be positioned as a high-performance car . As can be seen from the streamline on the side , The overall streamlined design is very smooth , And can vaguely see C On the column “+” The logo of , This once again confirms the emergence of new performance vehicles .

What can be confirmed is , Led the g 03+ There is indeed a declaration map of new models , And the declaration chart information shows , Adjustments have been made only in detail , A huge tail wing is added to the rear of the car , The racing style is very obvious . It is unclear whether the huge tail is an option . motivation , Led the g 03+ The new model is still equipped with one 2.0T The engine .

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