Can Xinrui catch fire? From 77900 to 57900, the fuel consumption is 5.6l, which is not bad

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xinrui catch fuel consumption bad

Can Xinrui catch fire ? from 7.79 Thousands fell to 5.79 All the , Fuel consumption 5.6L Not bad for the budget 10 For about 10000 car buyers , In the past, when choosing a family car, you can only choose your own brand , However, with the continuous development of joint venture brands in the market , More and more models have entered 10 The price range within 10000 yuan , Today, Xiaobian will recommend a very classic joint venture sedan , It is Skoda Xinrui , This car currently has a certain discount , from 7.79 Thousands fell to 5.79 All the , Fuel consumption 5.6 L don't love bad .

In appearance , Xinrui's design style is very dynamic , Polygonal air intake grille can bring certain tension , And the straight waterfall design also has a good three-dimensional feeling , The design of the lower enclosure also adopts the design elements arranged horizontally , And with black ornaments , It has a good visual effect . The shape of the headlight group is angular , But the internal light source is halogen light source , This configuration is not very competitive at the same level .

From the side , Xinrui presents a fashionable style , Straight waistline runs through the side , It makes people look more slender and three-dimensional , The multi width rim design is very exquisite , Further added the attributes of motion , In the tail , The design of this car is quite compact , There is a bilateral single exhaust layout below , It has a certain performance range , And the shape of the tail lamp echoes with the headlights , After opening, it has a good warning effect .

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