Who do you like more about the fifth generation Tucson L, CR-V and Rongfang?

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fifth generation tucson cr-v cr

As oil prices fluctuate , More fuel-efficient Japanese and Korean SUV Models have become a hot topic in the current market , From the perspective of home users , Buying a car is not a one shot deal , But as a means of transportation for a long time , therefore , The cost of later maintenance and fuel consumption has become a reference for families to buy cars . Of course , Product power is also a key factor to consider before buying a car , From the perspective of market , Compared with products of the same level , Japanese and Korean SUV The products are also very competitive , We can also see the clue from the proportion of sales . Especially the Japanese and Korean system SUV After the centralized replacement of products , Many consumers are more inclined to it , In this issue , We recommend several popular Japanese and Korean series SUV product .

The fifth generation Tucson L( Parameter picture )

The guided :16.18-20.18 Ten thousand yuan

As one of the most attractive products of Beijing Hyundai , The fifth generation Tucson L After the change , The power of products is earth shaking , Level of appearance 、 Design 、 To configure 、 The space and dynamic performance are very bright , Plus a very competitive price , It has become the first choice for many families to buy cars .

From the perspective of appearance value , The fifth generation Tucson L The appearance is very personalized , China open adopts a scale like design style , Both sides LED The daily light is integrated into the interior of China open , It is very recognizable when lit , meanwhile , The headlight also adopts a split design style , The rib line in the engine compartment adds a little sports atmosphere .

The body side lines are smooth and capable , The raised front and rear wheel arches are more muscular , The tail lamp adopts the popular through design , Tusk like lamp sets on both sides , It looks more visual impact . In terms of body size that family users are most concerned about , The fifth generation Tucson L The length, width and height are respectively 4670/1865/1690mm, Wheelbase reached 2755mm, As can be seen from the dimensions , At the same level as CR-V、RAV4 Compared with Rongfang , The fifth generation Tucson L The size also has considerable advantages , It also brings more space for the rear and trunk .

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