Another good family car, from 71800 to 63800, with a comprehensive fuel consumption of 5.2L

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good family car comprehensive fuel

Another good family car , from 7.18 Thousands fell to 6.38 All the , Comprehensive fuel consumption 5.2L For most consumers , Their main purpose of buying a car is to live at home , But as the number of car brands increases , Consumers will also face choice difficulties when buying a car , Today, Xiaobian will recommend an entry-level car with a sense of fashion and cost performance , It is Toyota Vios FS, This car currently has a certain discount , from 7.18 Thousands fell to 6.38 All the , Comprehensive fuel consumption 5.2 l .

In appearance , Wich FS It adopts the latest design style of the family , The front face makes people look more sharp , The large air intake grille is matched with the irregular headlamp group , Make the front face more dynamic , The raised lines above the hood are also very three-dimensional , It can bring a certain visual impact . In terms of lighting configuration , Wich FS All high and low beam lamps equipped with halogen light source , The advantage in the same level is not obvious .

Body size , Wich FS The length, width and height are respectively 4155×1700×1495 mm , The wheelbase is 2550 mm , Such data has good advantages in the same level , And the interior seating space is also more spacious , From the side , The line design of this car is also very dynamic , The waistline rises gradually , Can show a ready posture , The shape of the rim is also very beautiful , In the tail , This car feels very heavy , The shape of the tail lamp is very exquisite , When lit, it has a good warning effect , Below is a hidden exhaust pipe design .

In the interior , Wich FS The feeling is relatively simple , Black interior with chrome trim , Make the overall visual effect more active , The instrument panel adopts the style of gun barrel , It gives people the feeling of simplicity , But the information displayed is still very rich , Although the multi-functional steering wheel is made of plastic , However, it supports manual up and down adjustment , And the overall practicality is great . High configuration models are also equipped with electric sunroof , Further improve the light transmission effect in the car .

In terms of motivation , Wich FS carrying 1.5L The engine , matching 5 Gear manual transmission and CVT Stepless gearbox , The performance of this power combination in the market is normal , Although there is no strong explosive force , But daily commuting is OK , besides , This car also has excellent performance in terms of fuel consumption , Comprehensive fuel consumption only needs 5.2 l , Very good to reduce the cost of car .

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