This car has rich configuration and high grade? Audi Q3 recently offered a maximum discount of 57000 yuan, starting from 217800 yuan

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car rich configuration high grade

A car dealer in Suzhou recently announced audi Q3 Preferential prices in the region : Current Audi Q3 The highest discount for car purchase 5.7 Ten thousand yuan ,21.78 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review Audi Q3 Basic information of . aesthetic , audi Q3 The overall shape of the continues the Audi family design language . The front face adopts a large polygonal front grille , Match with sharp headlights , It looks very sporty . The side design of the new car is relatively smooth , The window is surrounded by chrome trim , The single banner waist line is very slender , The lines around the wheel eyebrow are clearly outlined , The multi spoke wheel hub looks simple , But with a certain sense of movement . The shape of the rear of the car body is the same as that of the front face , Pipelined LED The tail light is naturally Q3 Standard configuration of , The modeling design of the three bars also echoes with the headlights .S-Line The silver diffuser surrounded by the rear version is powerful , Enough to catch the eyes of young consumers . interiors , Come to Audi Q3 In the car , A sense of luxury and Technology ,10.25 Inch LCD dashboard and 8.8 Inch center control screen , Full of sense of technology , The center console is almost wrapped with soft materials , The steering wheel is made of leather , In addition to the minimum configuration model , Leather is used in other configurations /Alcantara Mix and match materials , Make the interior more luxurious . The car provides 1.4T、2.0T The engine , It's a match on the drive 7 Double clutch gearbox , The maximum output power is respectively 150 horsepower 、186 horsepower 、220 horsepower , The power output is quite strong . audi Q3 The configuration has also been upgraded , Lord / Passive security is fully configured , Including body stability control (ESP/DSC etc. )、 Tire pressure monitoring 、 Brake assist (EBA/BAS etc. )、 Automatic parking 、 Front reversing radar 、 Park in 、 Lane keep 、 Slow down the steep slopes 、 Brake anti lock (ABS)、 Engine start and stop 、 Hill auxiliary 、 Side air curtain 、 Automatic anti glare of exterior rearview mirror , These configurations are available , audi Q3 Also equipped with fatigue reminders 、 Rear reversing radar 、 Collision warning / Take the initiative to brake 、 Full LCD instrument panel 、LED Daytime running light 、 Braking force distribution (EBD)、 Traction control (ASR/TCS etc. )、 Child seat interface 、 Steering wheel heating and other configurations , Escort the driver and passengers .

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