The 2022 F1 racing car is updated with a new design, which introduces the ground effect and makes the struggle more exciting

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f1 racing car updated new

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F1 Formula One racing has ushered in new changes again , That is, the newly designed car will be in 2022 It was put into use in 1994 . The last large-scale technological reform was still in 2014 year , In order to adapt to the environment of energy conservation and emission reduction ,F1 Car also from 2.4 V8 Self priming engine , Change it to 1.6L V6 Turbocharged engine matching ERS Energy recovery system , The purpose is to make F1 Improved fuel efficiency of racing cars 35%. Because of the return of turbine engines , Let many car fans sigh that they will never hear again V8 The beautiful sound of the engine .

2022 year F1 formula car

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