New car express | fashion item / with a endurance of more than 300km, Baojun Kiwi EV will be launched at the end of this month

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new car express fashion item

In recent days, , We learned from Wuling official that , SAIC GM Wuling's pure electric mini car baojun KiWi EV Will be in 8 month 31 The selling price was officially announced on the th , Previously, the official price of designer version and artist version was announced , The former 6.98 Ten thousand yuan , the latter 7.88 Ten thousand yuan . baojun KiWi EV It's Baojun E300 The new model of , The appearance of the new car is small and fashionable , Very suitable for driving in the city .

aesthetic , baojun KiWi EV Layered modeling design is adopted , square LED The headlights and the round body look very cute , according to the understanding of , The exterior design and color matching of the car body are very particular , And hired a well-known domestic designer to lead the knife , The changeable style presented can meet the diversified needs of consumers . configuration , The new car is equipped with a two-color body as standard 、 Concealed door handle 、LED stoplight 、 Xingyao aluminum wheel hub, etc , The high configuration version is also equipped with LED Electric adjustment function of daytime running lamp and exterior rearview mirror .

interiors , baojun KiWi EV It continues the fashion style of appearance , shallow 、 The two color schemes provide users with cold and warm visual effects . Besides , The new car also uses environmentally friendly materials , Commensurate with the status of new energy .

motivation , baojun KiWi EV The range of is 305km, In terms of charging, DC fast charging mode will be provided , from 30% Fill to 80% Only 1 Hours . The length, width and height of the car body are respectively 2894/1655/1595mm, The wheelbase is 2020mm, Positioned as a micro electric vehicle , The compact size solves the problem of difficult parking in the city .

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