Energy saving and carbon reduction, public transport new energy vehicles do this in order to save electricity →

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energy saving carbon reduction public

8 month 25 Japan

yes 2021 National Low Carbon day in

The theme of this year's national energy conservation publicity week is

“ Energy saving and carbon reduction , Green development ”

For further implementation of “ Avoid the peak and go to the valley ” Requirements for charging management , Jiushi bus group, a modern transportation company that provides charging services for new energy vehicles, effectively analyzes the daily charging pile utilization rate and other data on the existing information platform , Continuously optimize the charging time of vehicles in each station , Reasonably avoid the vehicle charging time “ peak ” time interval , To adjust to “ flat 、 valley ” time interval , Reduce charging costs . Take bus five company's 65 Take bus No , From the original on-demand charging to the low electricity charge at 10 o'clock every night , Complete the charging without affecting the operation of the vehicle the next day , The charging cost is greatly reduced .

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