Details upgrade 2022 Changan cs75 plus will be officially launched on August 31

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details upgrade changan cs75 cs

recently , The driving sight is known from the official ,2022 Section Chang'an CS75 PLUS Will be in 8 month 31 Official listing , The appearance and interior of the new car will be upgraded in detail .

aesthetic , The new car still continues the family design style , Keep consistent with the models on sale . The front face adopts a new family design concept ,“X” The air inlet grille is integrated with the lamp groups on both sides , The overall shape is very sharp . Besides , Large air intakes are also provided on both sides of the front of the new car , The interior is decorated with colored decorative strips , Sports breath is improved .

interiors , The new car still continues the modeling design of the current model , Provide interior color layout of red and black , At the same time, a large number of chrome plated materials are used for decoration . The new car is equipped with the popular dual screen design , With flat sports steering wheel , Bring good scientific and technological results .

motivation , The new car will carry a model of JL473ZQ7 Of 1.5T Turbocharged engine , Driveline or matching 7 One speed wet dual clutch transmission . Declaration information display , The comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 km of the vehicle is 6.4 l .

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