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car seat belts

The first thing to do after getting on the bus ? Don't think about it , Of course, fasten your seat belt , But there are still many drivers and passengers who do not have strong safety awareness , I think it's troublesome to wear a seat belt , Little imagine , Safety belt = life zone , Not at all careless . Now , Wearing seat belts is not only about life safety , It is also an important indicator to measure the level of urban traffic civilization . today , Xiao Bian will talk to you about car seat belts ……

Car seat belts are also called “ life zone ”, A seemingly ordinary configuration , But it has become the life protector of car drivers and passengers all over the world , In the past half century, it has silently saved the lives of countless people in the car . Because it plays the role of restraining the shift and buffering of drivers and passengers , In the event of an accident , It can effectively avoid secondary collision and even being thrown out of the car , So as to reduce or even avoid casualties . How important are seat belts for travel safety ? Let's look at the positive and negative accident cases “ Department and non Department ” A world of difference after a seat belt accident .

Case a The road is slippery and the speed is fast In case of an accident, the safety belt ensures safety

recently , When the driver Qiu drove a taxi to the poly Kang bridge section of shabin road , Because the speed is fast , When driving into the curve, he suddenly skidded and rushed to the isolated green belt on the roadside , After the collision, it rotates in the air 180° Stop in the green belt , The scene is breathtaking . The police rushed to the scene of the accident immediately after receiving the alarm . The front and rear tires of the car have 3 All burst , The airbag is also open , Fortunately, the driver fastened his seat belt , Both passengers and drivers suffered only minor injuries .

Case 2 brake failure “ Against the wall ” Thanks to the seat belt

In recent days, , In Yimin street, Qinghua community, Changshou District , A red car is running , Suddenly hit a parked vehicle on the side of the road , Then he rushed onto the edge of the road and hit the wall , The car went through the wall , The passers-by were stunned . After receiving the alarm, the police of the first traffic patrol brigade of Changshou District Public Security Bureau rushed to the scene , Conduct an investigation . Driver Fang XX said , At the time of the incident, I was avoiding the opposite car , Unexpectedly, the accelerator pedal suddenly doesn't rebound , Cause the speed to get faster and faster , After taking emergency braking measures to no avail , In a hurry, I had to turn the steering wheel , Choose to hit the right fence , To avoid more serious consequences . Fortunately, the driver fastened his seat belt , No injuries .

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