Don't go away! Don't ask! A monthly salary of 8000 is easy to earn! Santana vs Baron ZS

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don away don ask monthly

Whether it's fuel vehicles or new energy vehicles , As long as it meets the needs of consumers, it is a good car . Today we recommend two gasoline cars , Santana and Baron ZS. Get down to business , Now let's introduce them .

models : Volkswagen Santana 2019 paragraph Ho Na 1.5L Automatic fashion Edition countries VI

The guided :10.59 Ten thousand yuan

santana 2019 paragraph Ho Na 1.5L The front of the automatic fashion version looks simple , The grille presents a simple design style , Add chrome trim , Although there are not many fancy designs , But it's not that old-fashioned look .

, santana 2019 paragraph Ho Na 1.5L The auto fashion interior gives people a very simple feeling , The overall shape is remarkable . in addition , The car is equipped with a simple double ring instrument panel , Although the overall style is relatively simple , But the function is more comprehensive , And equipped with brake assist 、 Tire pressure alarm 、 Traction control and other configurations .

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