Again! The monthly salary is 5000. You must buy it quickly! Ruicheng CC vs song Pro

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monthly salary buy quickly ruicheng

With the development of the times and the progress of Technology , High tech configuration has become the standard configuration of many cars , Bring users a better car experience . The next step is Ruicheng CC Song Dynasty Pro They are all high configuration players , Strength cannot be underestimated . Are these two cars mules or horses , Let's take a look at their actual performance .

models : Chang'an Ruicheng CC 2020 paragraph 1.5T Manual sharp

The guided :9.49 Ten thousand yuan

Ruicheng CC 2020 paragraph 1.5T Manual sharp nose movement , It looks very young . The car comes with sharp headlights , The linear design brings it a good three-dimensional effect .

The rearview mirror , The car is equipped with an electric regulator 、 heating .

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