Chery QQ ice cream official map release will be launched in the fourth quarter

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chery qq ice cream official

[ The domestic new car of aika automobile is original ]

This year, 6 month , Chery announced strategic cooperation with Alibaba cloud , And launch Chery iCar Ecological brand . The brand's first product series is named “QQ”, The first product is QQ ice cream , Positioning small pure electric vehicles .8 month 25 Japan , We got from Chery Auto official QQ Three fixed makeup car pictures of ice cream . The new car will be officially unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show opened at the end of this month , Then it was officially listed in the fourth quarter of this year .

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QQ The appearance of ice cream is integrated with Chery QQ Cute design style , use 360 Degree smile language design , Full of healing . The lamp group adopts “U” Large eye headlamp design , Presents a very lovely visual effect , The lower part adopts a black large-size closed air inlet grille design , Increase the visual hierarchy of the front , Highly recognizable , The whole side is outlined with strong lines “ smile ” modelling .

QQ Ice cream is available in seven body colors , They are taro purple 、 Cherry Blossom powder 、 Sea salt blue 、 Mint 、 Coconut White 、 Light lotus root 、 Lemon yellow . Different from the conventional planar modeling , The tail of the new car is built-in , Cooperate with square box body design , The space utilization in the car is brought into full play . The tail lamp also uses a headlamp like the front face “U” Large eye design , Echo back and forth with the front face .

According to the previously obtained declaration information ,QQ The body size of ice cream is long 、 wide 、 High respectively 2980/1496/1637mm, The wheelbase to 1960mm. motivation , The car will carry a model of... Produced by Anhui ruilu Technology Co., Ltd TZ160XFDM13A Drive motor , Maximum power is 20kW(27 horsepower ), Equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery pack . At present, the official has not announced QQ Ice cream mileage , We will continue to pay attention to .

Edit comment on : Agatsuma MINIEV The success of has made many car companies see the potential of this market segment , Start layout one after another . Although Chery new energy also has a small ant , But now the resurrection of the classic QQ Obviously, the popularity is higher . In terms of appearance design , The car is expected to become Wuling Hongguang MINIEV The biggest competitor .

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