Low maintenance rate of electric vehicles, battery protection or the biggest pain point

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low maintenance rate electric vehicles

Now in the used car market , The number of new energy vehicles accounts for a minority , Unstable supply and demand , There is also a large deviation between the transaction price and the actual value of the car , The maintenance rate of tram is very low , This has a lot to do with battery protection .

The service life and endurance of power battery will affect its actual use , However, there is no unified evaluation standard system for second-hand electric vehicles in China , When evaluating used cars for fuel vehicles , Use the universal OBD The instrument can read the engine of the vehicle 、 Transmission, collision and many other information , Car buyers can clearly understand the condition of the car .

The three electricity information of tram is in the hands of various car enterprises , Consumers want to know this information when buying used cars , And it is very difficult to evaluate the damage of the battery .

Although the state stipulates that the power battery must meet 8 year 12 10000 km warranty , Battery attenuation must meet “500 The attenuation of secondary charging and discharging shall not exceed 10%,1000 The attenuation of secondary charging and discharging shall not exceed 20%”.

However, the lifetime battery warranty launched by the manufacturer is only for the first owner , This is very unfavorable for the second-hand transaction of trams .

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