If you want to buy a household SUV, and the budget is not much, you might as well take a look at these three cars

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want buy household suv budget

Now you can see more and more domestic cars on the road , Consumers have recognized their own brands , In especial SUV Compared with joint venture athletes at the same price , In layout 、 material 、 More advantages in size , and , Many car manufacturers' car manufacturing process needless to say , The quality has also been improved , Big things can still be assured , Today we will introduce three kinds of domestic products with appropriate prices SUV, Spacious, suitable for family use , Do you have the car you want ?

1、 Gac and kei GS4 Guide price 8.98-13.98 Ten thousand yuan .

(4S Shop has 1 A discount of about 10000 yuan , The degree of discount varies according to different regions )

Although the new trumpchi GS4 There is no old-fashioned glory , But the sales volume has not been a problem since the listing , The appearance is quite fashionable , Use the family's Lingyun wing to enter the inflatable grille , With God's headlights , It looks good , Floating roof is also one of the most popular designs now .

The kei GS4 The length and width of are 4545*1856*1668mm, The wheelbase to 2680mm, Ensure enough riding space , The head and feet of the back seat are not crowded , There is no sense of oppression , The seats are thick , It has a good burden on the body , The interior upholstery level is also quite high , The center console has a sense of hierarchy , Meter 、 The central control screen and the air outlets of the left and right air conditioners , Use matte finish for decorative connections .

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