Made with ingenuity! The monthly salary is 8000. You must buy it quickly! Langyi vs Roewe rx5 Max

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ingenuity monthly salary buy quickly

Whether it's fuel vehicles or new energy vehicles , As long as it meets the needs of consumers, it is a good car . Today we recommend two gasoline cars , They are Langyi and Rongwei RX5 MAX. Next, join Xiaobian to see if their highlights can attract you .

models : Volkswagen lavida 2019 paragraph The hatchback 280TSI Dual clutch comfort version countries VI

The guided :15.09 Ten thousand yuan

Let's take a look at Langyi first 2019 paragraph The hatchback 280TSI The appearance of double clutch comfortable version , The front of the car looks very neat , Use simple lines , Plus multi amplitude medium network , The overall shape is more in line with the aesthetics of young consumers . meanwhile , The headlights of the car show a sharp design style , A large number of broken line designs are adopted , Outline the angular effect .

lavida 2019 paragraph The hatchback 280TSI The interior upholstery of the dual clutch comfortable version looks atmospheric , There is nothing particularly tall on the ground . meanwhile , The car is equipped with a simple double ring instrument panel and a plastic multifunctional steering wheel , Not too much gorgeous decoration , In line with mainstream aesthetics .

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