Buick oncoway plus is newly launched. It has an elegant appearance and a long and domineering body

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buick oncoway newly launched. launched

Because I have a second child at home, I want to change a bigger car , Just wander around the Internet every day to see if there is any suitable car , Recently, I saw a new Buick on the market Suv, On the Internet, the appearance looks very atmospheric , I decided to go to the store and have a look . The appearance is mature and steady . In the atmosphere , The car body is very long and domineering , Attracted by this shape .

The front face follows the design essence of Buick family models , The shield type air intake grille is decorated with banner lines , Coupled with the split headlights, this medium-sized SUV Look younger . The person in charge of the reception was very professional , Also very patient . The whole front is designed to be more plump and round , Moreover, a wide range of chrome plated trim strips make the front face of the whole vehicle more exquisite . On both sides led The headlights are joined by transverse chrome trim strips , Equipped with sports surround , The overall sense of fashion is very prominent .

The interior design also adopts the latest design style , The tilted center console helps the driver control the vehicle , The materials and workmanship of the interior have also reached a first-class level . With a ten inch touch LCD , Eight inch central control LCD , Fashion sense is good , It also adopts the key shift design , Plus leather seats , Fashion sense is pretty good , And it's more comfortable .

the Leon coldwell plus Overall, the design of the model is quite fashionable and exquisite , Luxury feeling bit , The powertrain is also remarkable , So big SUV It has good handling , Motivation is on call , The configuration of the whole vehicle is very high , The luxury brand does not have any security configuration, so they are equipped with , Very comprehensive , Although its seven seats are relatively compact , However, it is still a good medium-sized model for small partners with seven seats SUV.

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