Beijing U5 plus Chengdu auto show reservation benchmarking Rongwei i5, etc

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beijing u5 chengdu auto reservation

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stay 2021 At the Shanghai Auto Show , Beijing U5 PLUS Officially released and opened for pre-sale , The pre price range is 7-11 Ten thousand yuan , The new car is Beijing U5 The mid-term model of , Add a after the name PLUS suffix . At the upcoming Chengdu auto show , BAIC official news , Beijing U5 PLUS Reservations will be officially accepted .

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From the outside , Beijing U5 PLUS Continuation of family design , The big mouth grille with younger design , The two headlight groups are connected by a chrome plated decorative strip , While widening the visual width , It also increases the recognition of new cars . The body lines of the new car are smooth 、 motion , A waist line runs from the front headlamp group to the tail lamp group , Form a good three-dimensional feeling . At the same time, the tail of the new car adopts the popular through type LED Rear lamp , And has the effect of running water turn signal .

Power system part , Beijing U5 PLUS Keep carrying 1.5L And 1.5T The engine ,1.5L Maximum engine power 77kW(105 horsepower ), Peak torque 134Nm.1.5T Maximum engine power 110kW(150 horsepower ), Peak torque 210Nm.

Edit comment on : Another car for the young market is coming , After listing, it will cooperate with Roewe i5、 Imperial and other models compete .

Review of highlights :

2020 paragraph BEIJING-EU5 list subsidy 12.99 All the

The new BEIJING-X3 Officially listed 5.99-8.79 Ten thousand yuan

BEIJING-U5 New models are on the market The sale 7.69 Ten thousand yuan

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