The owner said | what about the Lexus es purchased for 31 months?

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owner said lexus es purchased

If you don't deliberately recall , I didn't realize Lexus ES( Parameter picture ) To our small home has been 31 It's been months . from 2019 year 1 Since I collected the car last month ,ES Conscientious and diligent —— That's exactly what it is , At ordinary times, I even ignore its existence —— And this , It's very much like the family behind us .

For car selection , I think it is more objective and rational . A car is a means of transportation , But at the same time , It's also your attitude towards life 、 An implicit expression of aesthetic orientation and brand preference . such as , I'm interested in the city SUV Never quite “ Catch a cold ”, It can neither bring better comfort than a car , Nor can it bring hard liners SUV Off road performance of . pure , Maybe it's one of my subconscious standards .

As for why ES, There are mainly a few points , One is the love of Lexus brand , The implicit and restrained brand tone is very unique , It is completely different from the current trend of conspicuous consumption in the whole luxury car brand market ; The second is the seventh generation ES The sharp, dynamic and elegant modeling design has a strong attraction , new GA-K The overall leap of vehicle texture brought by the platform , Let me look forward to ; Three is in 2015 Participated in the auto show , My wife saw Lexus NX I was amazed at , What she blurted out at that time was : Be sure to buy a Lexus .

The combination of reason and sensibility makes me start with my lover ES Hit it off , We didn't even go to other luxury brands 4S The store compares competing models .

in fact , It's not just me , Including my small group of riders, the situation is similar ,“ I ordered the car directly ”,“ I didn't see any other competing products ”、“ I like it so much ”. And when I further asked a few in the group 90 Why did you choose ES Administrative Edition , One said ,“ good-looking 、 Have character 、 Not vulgar ”, The other said ,“ worry 、 otherwise 、 become an independent school ”.

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