The appearance is domineering and side leakage. The 2021 wey vv6 makes a profit of 15000, and the naked car price is as low as 133000

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appearance domineering leakage. leakage wey

In recent days, , A friend said he wanted to know about 2021 paragraph WEY VV6 Market information of ,, We also conducted a shop exploration in Pingdingshan, Henan Province . according to the understanding of ,2021 paragraph WEY VV6 Is selling at a profit , At present, the discount range of the whole department is 1.5 Ten thousand yuan , Naked car prices as low as 13.3 Ten thousand yuan . We also photographed 2021 paragraph WEY VV6 Real vehicle diagram of , Let's see .

aesthetic ,2021 paragraph WEY VV6 It has a strong impact on the visual effect . Front part , The lattice air inlet grille design is adopted , It has a significant texture improvement . Headlamp groups with full shapes on both sides , The interior light source has excellent texture . Forward air port , A banner design is adopted , Add a little movement . The lower surrounding part , The materials are thick , It has good protection .

The body side , The slightly arched waistline is round and full , It increases the three-dimensional refinement and sportiness of the side of the body . The window is decorated with silver trim , Improve the grade of the vehicle . Wheel hub part , The multi frame design with chrome plating is adopted .

Tail shape , Chrome plated trim strips are used to connect the tail lights on both sides , Make the tail shape have a wider visual effect . Rear part , Full shape , Echo with the headlight set , With good recognition . Exhaust layout , The layout design of two sides and two outlets is adopted ,, The huge exhaust port has a very good performance .

The interior , The overall technology configuration is relatively good , Large central control screen 、 The liquid crystal instrument 、 The three width multifunctional steering wheel creates a good sense of science and technology for the vehicle . Details , It is wrapped with a large area of soft leather , Excellent overall comfort , The grade of the vehicle has been significantly improved .

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