The sense of refinement is improved. The new Audi q2l will be officially launched at Chengdu auto show, equipped with 1.4T engine

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sense refinement improved. improved new

In recent days, , Xiaobian learned from relevant channels , The new audi Q2L Will be in 2021 It was officially listed at Chengdu auto show in , The appearance of the new car is still young and sporty , And adjusted for details . Let's take a look at it . Appearance of the new car , It adopts the latest family design language , Large size air inlet grille design on the front face , The interior is filled with silver chrome trim and grid design , It also looks more exquisite , Equipped with sharp headlight set , It brings a strong aura .

New Audi Q2L Body side of , The smooth and dynamic body lines seem to have a good sense of strength , The window line design is very stretch , There seems to be a design style of suspended roof , Style with large wheel hub , Further enhance the sense of movement .

The rear part of the car is outlined with a lot of lines , The sense of hierarchy is very rich . The exquisite tail light design on both sides brings excellent visual effect , And has a high degree of recognition .

interiors , Family design style is adopted , Exquisite multi-function steering wheel with simple air conditioning outlet , And suspended central control LCD screen and LCD instrument , Created a strong scientific and technological atmosphere .

The power of the new car , carrying 1.4T Turbocharged engine , matching 7 Double clutch gearbox .

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