Hyundai's first MPV Cousteau is about to appear in Chengdu auto show. Is the MPV market going to rise?

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hyundai mpv cousteau appear chengdu

I don't know if it is affected by the national fertility policy , At the upcoming Chengdu auto show , Many kinds of MPV The model is released and unveiled . Like Toyota Saina , Kia Jiahua and today's protagonist — From the modern kustu . This is also the first Beijing Hyundai MPV models , The new car is expected to appear at Chengdu auto show ,9 month 30 Official listing .

Kuxtu's front face and Tucson L Agreement , Wide air intake grille is adopted , Almost occupied the front face 2/3 The area of . The interior adopts more complex modeling design , Blackened Modernity logo Integrate with the front face , Full of tension . The headlights on both sides are connected by a chrome plated decorative strip , To some extent, it increases the visual width . On both sides of the bottom are sharp air guide grooves , It also integrates fog lights .

The side design of modern models is very bold , The same goes for Cousteau . The side lines are very strong , The waist line extending from the front fender to the rear tail lamp forms a dive feeling of low front and high rear , Echo up and down with the lines at the side skirt . The whirlwind two-color five spoke rim looks very sporty , Jinhu tires are used , Parameter is 225/55R18

The lines at the tail are rich in layers , Through tail lamp and high-level brake lamp can play a good identification effect , Of tail lights C The shape is also more eye-catching . The bottom is wrapped with a wide silver trim panel , Hidden exhaust is also more low-key .

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