A total of 8 models are promoted. Which configuration of the new generation Qijun is the most worth buying?

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total models promoted. promoted configuration

In the past two years , At home SUV The market is very hot , Many domestic models mainly focus on cost performance , Annual sales have exceeded 10 Million mark . However, with the improvement of national consumption capacity , People have higher and higher requirements for the quality of cars , And those medium and high-end joint ventures famous for their quality SUV, It has become the first choice for most consumers to buy cars . And bring up high-quality joint ventures SUV models , I have to say Dongfeng Nissan Qijun , As the three major Japanese systems SUV One of , With excellent product performance , Become a domestic SUV Market leader , Moreover, it has been ranking the top of the sales list for a long time .

Dongfeng Nissan Qijun is dormant 7 Years later, , Introduced a new generation of models —— A new generation of Qijun . It is based on a new CMF-CD Platform to build , The appearance adopts a younger and fashionable “V-Motion3.0” Family design language , Body dimensions and ground clearance have increased . And it's equipped with NISSAN i-SAFETY Intelligent active safety system, etc 12 Item security assistance configuration , In terms of power, it is also equipped with more prominent features of power response and fuel economy 1.5T A turbocharged three-cylinder engine . that , As a replacement model launched by Dongfeng Nissan , How is the product power of the new generation of Qijun ? Next, let's analyze it together !

One 、 Models and prices first, let's look at models and prices , A new generation of Qijun has launched 8 Models with different configurations , It also provides 5 seat /7 There are two spatial layouts , All standard 1.5T Turbocharged engine +CVT Stepless transmission ( simulation 8 block ), The market guide price is 18.19-26.29 Ten thousand yuan , Among them, entry-level 2021 paragraph VC-Turbo 300 CVT 2WD Fashion version , The guidance price is only 18.19 Ten thousand yuan , And the top match 2021 paragraph VC-Turbo 300 CVT 4WD The supreme edition , The price is 26.29 Ten thousand yuan . Two 、 Car features 1、 aesthetic

The new generation Qijun changes the golden mean style of the old models ,“V type ” The air intake grille is wrapped in a thick chrome trim frame , The interior is decorated with black elements , Then match it with... On both sides LED Starship split headlights , Make the whole front face look very young and fashionable . And the side adopts “U-Shape” Double waistline design ,A/B/C The columns were blackened , The suspended roof and side wings slightly protruding from the body 、 Wide and thick black wheel eyebrows and double five spoke cutting wheel rims , It gives people a sense of strength .

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