Trillion "big infrastructure" bill passed, focusing on charging piles and vehicle safety in the United States

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trillion big infrastructure passed focusing

 picture In recent days, , The United States Senate voted to pass a 1 Trillion dollar infrastructure investment and employment package , This is the largest infrastructure bill in the United States in decades , It is also an important step taken by US President Biden and senators from both parties after months of negotiations . The bill will fund the expansion of broadband access in the United States , And for including electric vehicles 、 Other focus areas, including cyber security . at present , The bill still needs to be passed by the US House of Representatives , Then Biden signed it into law .


75 $billion to build charging infrastructure

In this “ Big infrastructure ” In the bill , The Internet and electric vehicle industry occupy an important position . The epidemic has made home office a common phenomenon , This also highlights the need for high-speed Internet access . The bill will allocate 650 $billion to expand Internet access services , Not only meet the needs of urban residents for high-speed Internet access , It will also improve the network infrastructure in some rural and remote areas .

As for the field of electric vehicles , The White House will allocate 75 $billion to install charging facilities throughout the United States .“ Based on this bill , As the international brotherhood of electric workers (IBEW) Members of the power workers will build a true national network of electric vehicle charging stations , This will change our daily way of travel .” Biden said ,“ I believe this bill will make the most important investment in public transport in the history of the United States .”

American Automotive Innovation Alliance (AAI) We appreciate the passage of the bill , I think this will help start public investment in charging networks nationwide . The alliance's members include most mainstream auto companies in the United States 、 Some parts suppliers and technology companies .

John, CEO of American Automotive Innovation Alliance · Bozla said in a statement that :“ Today's action is a key step forward in the industry .” The alliance says , To 2025 year , The U.S. auto industry will invest in electric vehicles 3300 Billion dollars . for example , General Motors plans to 2025 In, he invested in electrification and automatic driving 350 Billion dollars ; Ford plans to 2025 Annual investment 300 Billion dollars , And expect 2030 year , Of its global sales 40% From pure electric models ;Stellantis The group also plans to 2025 Annual investment over 300 Billion euros for electrification and software development .


“ We are working with Congress , Develop necessary supplementary policies , Further promote investment in the domestic electric vehicle supply chain in the United States , So as to encourage consumers to buy 、 Use electric cars .” Bozla said ,“ These are the necessary conditions for building a successful electric vehicle market , It is very important to achieve the sales target of electric vehicles set by Biden government , From the present 2% Up to the 2030 Year of 40%~50%.”

More investment is needed to catch up with China and Europe

not long ago , The White House has just issued a statement , Measures are planned to strengthen the leadership of the United States in the field of clean passenger cars and trucks , The goal is to 2030 year , Among the new passenger cars and light trucks sold in the United States , Yes 50% Zero emission vehicles , Including plug-in hybrid vehicles 、 Pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles . Biden hopes , At that time, the United States will make electric vehicles around the world 、 Leading edge in infrastructure and innovation , Including the construction of a national electric vehicle charging network , Provide funds for the reorganization and expansion of the whole domestic manufacturing supply chain , And maintain a competitive advantage in developing the next generation of clean technologies .

general motors 、 Ford and Stellantis The group expressed its support for the White House's plan , I think this represents a great change in the American auto market , But these companies also emphasize , Only the timely deployment of a full set of electrification policies , Including purchase incentives 、 A sufficiently dense integrated charging network , To achieve this transformation .

75 Billion dollars is certainly not a small amount , But many people in the industry pointed out that , If the United States wants to establish a strong electric vehicle charging network , The money is far from enough . actually , the 1 trillion-dollar “ Big infrastructure ” The bill is “ Slimming ” After that , At the beginning, Biden first announced the capital construction plan with a total amount of 2.25 Trillions of dollars , The funds allocated to the field of charging infrastructure are 150 Billion dollars , But it was opposed by the Republicans at that time , It was passed only after the scale of funds was reduced .

Ai Rui platinum consulting company once expected , To satisfy 2030 Annual electric vehicle charging demand , The United States needs to invest 500 Billion dollars to build a national charging network .“ Electric vehicles have gradually become people's main means of transportation , But the investment in charging facilities is still very expensive , Especially fast charging facilities .” Mark, managing director of Everbright automotive and industry · Wakefield said . According to iResearch platinum , The level of charging pile can be divided into 3 Level , The average installation cost is 1.2 Ten thousand dollars to 26 Ten thousand dollars .

The US government had previously announced that , Plan to 2030 established 1 One by one 50 A national charging network composed of 10000 public charging piles . The reporter inquired about the statistics of the U.S. Department of energy and found that , Up to now , Common ownership in the United States 43744 A public charging station 、106997 A public charging pile , Among them, fast filling pile 18924 individual . According to the statistics of China electric vehicle charging infrastructure Promotion Alliance , By the end of this year 7 month , The number of public charging piles in China has reached 95 m .


Fitch said , The application of electric vehicles in the United States will continue to lag behind China and some European countries , Because the electric vehicle sales targets and incentives in these regions are better developed than those in the United States . Biden's big goal for the electric vehicle industry may contribute to the popularization of electric vehicles in the United States , But compared with some other countries , The relevant policies and decisions of the U.S. government in the field of electrification are still slightly conservative .

A number of new vehicle safety regulations

Ensuring road traffic safety is also one of the key points of the infrastructure Bill . The Act provides that , The U.S. Department of transportation must issue an automatic shutdown keyless ignition system before a certain period of time 、 Update headlamp Standards , And the relevant provisions requiring new cars to be equipped with techniques to prevent drunk driving and dangerous driving .

according to the understanding of , Of the new cars sold in the United States every year , About half of them are equipped with keyless ignition system as standard . Many American drivers forget to turn off the engine after parking , Simply park the vehicle in the garage or poorly ventilated basement , After getting off the car, the engine is still working , If it takes a long time , Carbon monoxide in tail gas may cause poisoning to nearby personnel . Up to now , The keyless ignition system has killed dozens of people in the United States . general motors 、 Ford has made corrections , Many new cars are equipped with devices that automatically turn off the keyless ignition system , The engine will shut down automatically after idling for a period of time . however , Many manufacturers have not taken similar measures . This requires regulators to take coercive measures .

in addition , The act also requires relevant departments to formulate rules , Set minimum performance standards for anti-collision Technology , All vehicles sold in the United States are required to be equipped with a front collision warning system 、 Automatic emergency brake system 、 Lane departure warning system 、 Lane keeping assist system, etc . however , The deadline or effective date of the relevant rules is not clear , Nor is it mandatory for the U.S. Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Take regulatory action .

American Road and vehicle safety advocate (AHAS) Is a company made by consumers 、 The medical industry 、 Public health industry 、 The legal profession 、 Security organizations 、 An alliance of insurance companies and agents , Designed to ensure road safety in the United States . The president of the agency, Kathy · Chase said in a statement :“ Due to unnecessary research 、 Inadequate requirements or no deadlines at all , The deadline for regulatory action has been delayed .”


Another US non-profit security organization —— The center for automotive safety also expressed dissatisfaction , Consider that the above bill “ Eye candy , It's an unfinished work .”

Pay more attention to automobile network security

meanwhile , With the rapid development of the Internet, the problem of network security has become increasingly prominent , The United States Congress decided to allocate about 20 Billion dollars , Used to strengthen network security projects . since this year on , U.S. private enterprises and government agencies have suffered multiple cyber attacks , Local governments have always been one of the targets of extortion software attacks . Previously, foreign media reported that , Federal bureau of investigation (FBI) Sent a memo to several companies , Warn them of possible cyber attacks , This involves the automotive industry .

With the continuous evolution of automobile intelligence , The network security attacks of intelligent networked vehicles are increasing year by year , In addition, the automatic driving function is gradually promoted , More and more attention has been paid to the problem of automobile network security .2015 year 7 month , After the hacker released its success on a car Jeep After Cherokee remotely controlled the image , Fiat Chrysler USA announced a recall of about 140 Million cars with software vulnerabilities . This is also the first time in the world that car companies recall cars due to hacker risk .

According to foreign media reports recently , There was... Earlier this year “ White hat hacker ” Inform Ford of a vulnerability in its system , The vulnerability could lead to Ford's customer and employee records 、 Sensitive information such as financial account number has been exposed .“ White hat hacker ”, That is, discover software vulnerabilities in advance , Hackers who avoid loopholes being exploited by criminals . After receiving the warning , Ford is 24 Relevant vulnerabilities were fixed within hours . A Ford spokesman said :“ Based on the evidence provided to Ford and internal investigations , We believe that under such circumstances, no sensitive personal information about employees or customers has been leaked .”

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