Finally the trump card! Second kill! Really fragrant series! Ruiji vs Asian Dragon

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finally trump card second kill

Want every passenger to have a comfortable experience , In fact, it has a certain relationship with all aspects of the vehicle . Ruiji and Asian dragons are 5 A model , The overall performance was pretty good . So do they meet your requirements ? Let's look down with Xiaobian .

models : Ford Ruiji 2020 paragraph EcoBoost 245 4WD Jiaxiang

The guided :20.48 Ten thousand yuan

Look at Ruiji first 2020 paragraph EcoBoost 245 The appearance of 4WD Jiaxiang , The front of the car presents a sporty design style , Large polygonal grille with chrome trim , It has a strong visual impact . The visual effect of the headlights is quite deep , Very divine , And standard configuration LED Distance light .

Tyre , The specifications of the front and rear tires of the car are 225/60 R18, Tree fork rim design is adopted .

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