Go out and pull the wind! The name of tank 600 is changed to tank 500. Netizen: the intelligent configuration of this car understands me!

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pull wind tank changed tank

In recent days, , The tank brand officially announced tanks 600 Officially renamed tank 500, The model will make its world debut at Chengdu International Auto Show , As the second product of tank brand , tanks 500 Positioning medium and large luxury business SUV, I don't know how much you know about this car , Let's have a look .

aesthetic , The front face looks fierce and strong , People who like hardline design should be more able to get To its face , The headlamp groups on both sides have rich modeling layers , Exquisite internal structure , Sparse at the top and dense at the bottom , Very beautiful . The wide protruding grille has excellent metal texture , Looks extremely fierce .

The body side , The side also looks tall , There are many design highlights of the wheel hub , Hollowed out and three-dimensional modeling make it look more special . The waistline design is also strong and obvious , Hard liners . The contour line of the side window is relatively soft , It will look more fashionable . The rear side , The back mounted tire box is located in the middle right position , Irregular design is more personalized , Convex three-dimensional sense of full longitudinal tail lamp group , You can handle edge tips very well , safer .

motivation , It will be equipped with... Independently developed by great wall for the first time 3.0 displacement V6 The engine +9AT transmission , And equipped with P0 48V Light mixed system , Further improve fuel economy , With vertical 9AT transmission .

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