Walking "noble spirit", a new generation of "AMG g63" was officially listed, and the terminal price rose again

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walking noble spirit new generation

Recently, the media learned that ,2022 Mercedes Benz “AMG G63 ” Officially listed , It is reported that compared with the old model, the new model , The terminal price has been raised 22.92 ten thousand , The final terminal price has also come 245.80 ten thousand , I believe everyone is familiar with this model , After all, the attention of this model is still very high in the past two years , I don't know how much you know about this model , Next, Xiaobian will give you a brief share !

aesthetic , Trapezoidal network + Air inlet grille of straight waterfall grille , The headlamp is composed of two shapes of ring and vertical , The front enclosure extends all the way back , Put the front and rear wheel eyebrows completely together , The protruding lines on the hood are also designed with a strong sense of muscle strength , The overall shape is full of combat effectiveness , This style is also very bold and aggressive , The Qi field is also comprehensively improved . The body side , The whole car adopts a three-layer segmented waist line , It also presents the car with smooth movement , It has to be said that the design of these waistlines also makes the car convex and very strong . The forged double fork wheel hub is also very personalized .

In the tail , The tail lamp adopts a sinking shape design , Equipped with a small book bag for external use , The rear surround is also inlaid with AMG The English logo of , Very recognizable , The tail shape also echoes the front face , I believe it should attract a group of real fans . interiors , double 12.3 Inch screen design ,COMAND Interconnected interactive system , suspension 、 The exhaust pipe can be directly set separately . A frosted decorative cover plate is also added in the whole center console area , High-end feeling , This interior design also makes the car look very sci-fi and futuristic .

motivation , Will carry 4.0T V8 Twin turbocharged engines , Maximum power output 430kW, The maximum torque is coming 850N·m, Transmission system matching 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , coordination AMG Performance4MATIC All-wheel-drive system .

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