This car has attracted the attention of Chinese people? At present, there is no discount for mingtu, starting from 133800 yuan

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car attracted attention chinese people

A car dealer in Guangzhou recently announced the preferential market of mingtu in the region : At present, there is no discount for mingtu car purchase ,13.38 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review the basic situation of the name map . The new generation of famous pictures adopts a new family design style in appearance , The overall modeling style is relatively calm and introverted . Front part , The new car adopts polygonal star array air inlet grille and split headlamp group , And below the front enclosure , The brand-new generation map is equipped with a long and narrow fog lamp group . in addition , Due to the rich surface design , So the new generation of famous pictures looks full of texture . The side of the car body has a handsome smell . Straight waistline , Make the whole body look more slender and atmospheric , Plus the sliding back roof , Increased its overall fashion . And the lower whirlwind hub , Enhanced overall athletic performance . The back of the car , Smart duck tail design combined with double C Font through mosaic LED Tail lights , It can be dynamic without showing too much publicity , In line with the current mainstream aesthetics, it can also enhance the sense of delicacy , It makes people want to stop , Fine tasting . interiors , A new generation of famous pictures in comfort 、 The sense of advanced has also been well improved , A large area of color contrast design is adopted in the car , And equipped with a double 12.3 Inch large intelligent integrated screen , It brings a stronger sense of advanced and Technology . On the power , The new car is particularly concerned , This time, a new generation of famous pictures are equipped with 1.8 To breathe naturally and 1.5 L turbocharged in two versions , This approach is obviously to take care of more groups and have richer choices . among 1.5 This version of the engine uses the world's first engine of modern automobile CVVD- Technology of continuously variable valve duration , Not only to ensure power at the same time , The fuel economy is also well guaranteed . Intelligent configuration , For example, baidu intelligent Internet connection 3.0 System , Support online music 、 Navigation 、 Baidu CarLife、 Intelligent voice function, etc , In addition, in terms of security configuration , The new car has also been greatly improved , Equipped with up to 23 term ADAS Intelligent driving assistance system , Security is guaranteed .

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